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Signs Your Toddler Is About To Start Speaking, So Get Ready

It’s a hard period for you as a parent when your little one can’t speak yet or communicate their feelings effectively. Things, however, become more comfortable when they start speaking. It’s also fun watching them become chatterboxes.

An important thing to have in mind about this important milestone is that kids are different and they grow at their own pace. So, don’t panic yet if your toddler begins to speak later than other kids.

Well, to help you through parenting in our own little way, we’ve compiled 7 signs that your toddlers may experience when they are about to start talking.

1. They Begin to Develop Cognitive Understanding of Some Words or Phrases


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According to parents, your toddler won’t start to speak until they know what to say. This goes to show that cognitive recognition of words and phrases is a big sign. This means that your baby understands what you mean when you say, “Where is your toy?” or “Can Mommy see that toy?” Other times, if you ask your toddlers where their toys are, and they point correctly at the actual spot where the toys lie, then that’s another form of cognitive understanding.