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When Kids Say and Do the Funniest (and Most Embarrassing) Things

Listen up, parents! If you think what happens at home, stays at home, you’re mistaken. That daily glass of red wine that you think your kids will mistake for grape juice? Yeah, you’re not fooling them. Oh, and that weight problem you might have? Your children noticed.

Here are some of the more hilarious things that kids have revealed about their parents at school.

Her Dad Has a Problum

Remember those early elementary exercises where we had to know how to compose complete sentences? Well, this kiddo took it upon him or herself and got a little bit creative…and a little too honest. When answering the question, “Who ate the most at the picnic?” instead of choosing between the mosquitos and the dog, the child wrote, “My dad. He is chubby. He has a problem.”


Source: Dad Patrol

Ouch. The dad probably knows of his weight problem, but does he really need to get strange looks from his kid’s teacher now? Poor guy. But hey, more of a reason to start on that weight loss journey!